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  Medical History

A large number of products may give rise to allergies. Moreover, all the time we are breathing in, swallowing or touching a huge variety of different substances which could be allergenic.

A medical history is very important, because it enables the doctor to make an initial selection from among the allergens which are most likely to be the cause of your trouble. Since the inquiry is relatively lengthy and you cannot be expected to remember everything on the spot, the doctor will often give you a questionnaire to fill in at home at your leisure. This is where a medical notebook can be of great value.

The medical inquiry and the questionnaire cover:

  • Family history (research into your forbears)
  • Symptoms and their circumstances (where and when)
  • Your habits at home
  • Your professional and leisure activities
  • Your environment (house, garden, part of town)
  • Your eating habits
  • Your general state of health (if you are being treated for something, taking medicines, etc.)

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